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Do you become frustrated when you cannot find a verb in the dictionary?

Are you irritated by not having all key vocabulary for a lesson in one location without HAVING to constantly refer back to a dictionary?

Do you want to study the same exact book that is studied in the Arabic institute of the Islamic University of al-Madinah with someone who actually studied there?

Are you disheartened with the lack of resources made available for the Arabic institute's side books?


If you answered yes to at least one of the above, continue will not regret it inshaAllah!


The resource that I have created for you will help you because it has been designed with you in mind. Why? Because not long ago, I was you! Please allow me to explain...

When I first began studying in the language institute in the Islamic University of al-Madinah it was a huge shock to my system. I thought it would be a breeze as I already had a degree from a top university in the UK, plus a CELTA, however nothing could have prepared me for the journey I was about to embark upon.

When you enter the ma'had (Arabic language institute) in al-Madinah you are given a placement test and subsequently assigned an appropriate level. Out of the 4 levels they provide, I was fortunate enough to be assigned Level 01. This means I was starting from the beginning. At the time, my thought process was,

1 - I get to cover the whole curriculum

2 - I increase my chances of becoming a stronger student

3 - I get to stay longer in al-Madinah


"I wish I had this resource when I was learning Arabic!"

So in Level 01 of the ma'had, we cover 4 main books; Madinah Book 01, Qiraa'ah (Reading), Ta'beer (Expression) and Kitaabah (Writing). For each subject we had a book that we studied. There is an ocean of material online to help you understand all of the Madinah books 1, 2 & 3, however it is seldom that you find good quality, reliable resources for the 'side books' studied in the ma'had. This is where my unique journey learning Arabic inspired me to begin what would turn out to be a revolutionary way to study the side books and I turned all my focus to the book al-Qiraa'ah. All I can say now, after 10 years in the making is that I wish I had this resource when I was learning Arabic!

The original book Duroosun fi Al-Qiraa'ah meaning 'Lessons in Reading' was originally devised to be taught & studied in the Arabic institute by a man named Abdullah Ahmad in 1430H. In the intro of the book, he speaks about why the skill of reading is important, the goal behind authoring the book, the foundations which the book is built on and briefly discusses the exercises in the book alongside practical steps which can be taken when teaching it.


"I was super annoyed and frustrated..."

So I want you to imagine this, I am a relatively new Muslim, 25 years old, college grad, uni grad, CELTA qualified, married with two baby girls and I'm sitting inside a classroom of 17 - 19 years old (generally speaking) attempting to learn a language, in that same language and not understanding the majority of what I was being told. Frustrating, right?

You guessed it! I was super annoyed and frustrated most of the time as there aren't many more things more irritating than not understanding something someone is saying to you. At first it is fun, then it becomes mentally taxing. What made things worse, is that I genuinely cared deep down. I really wanted to understand hence why I took this path so seriously. After all, I gave up a lot to be in that seat in the classroom.


"You'll never find it, even if you were to continue searching until Yawm al-Qiyaamah"

As a beginner student of knowledge, you will soon be introduced into the world of verbs, and what a wonderful world it is if you understand their world. You see, verbs are conjugated significantly different in Arabic compared to English. Let me give you an example inshaAllah. In English, the verb 'went' is the past tense of 'go' & is simply written as 'went' despite speaking about the singular masculine & feminine, dual masculine, dual feminine, plural feminine or plural masculine. However, this is not the same in Arabic which makes it a very interesting language to learn. It almost feels quite mathematical. So let's say you are reading an Arabic book and you came across the verb  جَاءُوا  which means 'they (masculine) went', but you couldn't quite figure out the meaning yourself. So you resort to going back to the dictionary to search for it. The thing you need to know from the gate is that you'll never find it, even if you were to continue searching until Yawm al-Qiyaamah. Why? Because verbs in Arabic are located in accordance to the 3rd person, past tense, singular masculine version of the verb. This truly is a game changer and makes life significantly easier when undertaking the arduous task of verb surfing.


"4 most important forms of a verb you MUST KNOW"

As a result, so as to assist me during my studies to understand what I am reading, I decided to write the 4 most important forms of a verb you MUST KNOW as a beginning student of the Arabic language in the footnotes. Well, three are actually verbs and one is referred to as a verbal noun, meaning that it is a noun but often carries the meaning of a verb. We can get into that at a later date inshaAllah! So I made the intention to rewrite the whole book out on my Toshiba laptop and begin this mission. First I had to download an Arabic keyboard, next I had to go to Maktabah Jarir on Sultanah road and purchase Arabic stickers to stick on my laptop's English keys. Then, I proceeded to type out the whole book. It took me a month! I was proud of myself once I had finished, Alhamdulillah as I had never done anything like this before. Little did I know the whole book was already available on the internet and a simple copy & paste would have done the job lol.

I did this for every verb in that book, but only the first time the verb was mentioned. Any other time that same verb came I wouldn't do the same. It was a tiresome task, and one that I really couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel in all fairness. I certainly didn't envision that some 10 years later, I will be revising the same body of work and sharing it with the world. SubhanAllah!


"The inspiration behind the book was really the driving force."

Looking back now, I would definitely say the pain & high level of frustration I experienced during my time in the Arabic institute, endlessly trying to acquire the beautiful Arabic language evolved into inspiration. So the inspiration behind the book was really the driving which has subsequently lead us where we are today. I learnt from this experience that often times, beautiful things can be unearthed from a place of pain and frustration.

"I have an irresistible offer wanting for you..."

If you really want to get the most out of this downloadable pdf toolkit, I would highly recommend you use it alongside actually studying the book with a teacher. If you can find an Arabic instructor to teach you, then that is fantastic. Failing that, I have an irresistible offer waiting for you on the other side of the checkout process if you choose to purchase this offer and trust me, it's insane!

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Study This Book Like Never Before and Catapult Your Arabic Language Acquisition


Now this is the fun part. Let me summarise EVERYTHING you will get once you download the file inshaAllaah.

  • Never, ever been released before content.
  • All the diacritic marks on the Arabic words.
  • Footnotes of the main variations of each verb that appear in the text in the past, present, command form and the verbal noun.
  • Glossary of all the verbs, organised in alphabetical order coded as they appear in the dictionary al-Mawrid.
  • Synonyms included in the glossary of verbs.
  • Including a vocabulary list at the beginning of each unit.
  • Any questions directed to the male gender, is also added in the feminine form.
  • All instructions translated into English.
  • Close attention was paid to the aesthetic feel of the book ensuring it is user friendly.
  • BONUS 01: Answer sheet once it is completed.
  • BONUS 02: Audio book once completed.


I would be remiss if I do not share with you what some students of knowledge who have been through the same journey as me have to say about such a body of work...

"I definitely feel this is an unprecedented body of work and it will be a tremendous help to anyone who uses it. If I had access to a book like this, I believe I would have gained mastery of the Arabic language faster for a few reasons, namely the information has been presented in an easy to digest manner and the student is given the tools to put all their concerns at ease. The instructions inside the book have all been translated, all key vocabulary has been added at the beginning of the book instead at the end, there is a glossary of verbs in the back of the book in alphabetically order included synonyms. Each verb has been foot noted at the bottom of each page which is a huge help for students looking up the root verb in a dictionary. "

Trevor Faulk BA (Hons)
Graduate of the Faculty of Law & Chaplain

"The Qiraa'ah book was always my favourite text when I was an Arabic language student at Madinah University, but it was also one of the hardest books for a beginner level student. Ismaeel has revised it, simplified it making it easier and more accessible for the beginner. It is beautifully presented and is a significant improvement to an already essential book for Arabic language students who want to increase their vocabulary and understanding. Ismaeel has added a much needed glossary at the back of the book and even included synonyms! He has made it more accessible for non-natives who may want to self study by translating the instructions & included the root verb in its various forms. May Allah reward him for his efforts in making learning Arabic engaging & fun."

AbdulWahid Stephenson (Hons)
Academic Director at Madinah College

This Unique, Innovative Resource is a Must Have for...

Check out the top 3 categories of people I personally believe will really benefit from such a resource.

1 - Teachers and language institutes who wish to teach the book.

2 - Students who are self studying and want to specifically go through the side books in the Arabic Institute and take things to the next level.

3 - If you genuinely want to improve your understanding of the Arabic language.


This Resource isn't for...

1 - Students who are not interested in expanding their knowledge.

2 - Students who are still learning the Arabic alphabet (however, this could be a great investment for the future).

3 - Student who are not concerned about understanding verbs and how they work.

4 - Lazy students who want everything spoon fed for them :)

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It Will Totally Revoluntionise the Way Non-Native Learners Study Arabic

Let's Recap! What You Will Receive...

We Love To Over-deliver...

Reformatted. Re-tuned Version of Duroosun fi al-Qiraa'ah

This book consists of 11 units, each unit including a main dialogue followed by exercises and activities and a main text. All verbs footnoted at the bottom of each page with a glossary of the verbs also placed at the end of the book in alphabetical order. This book is designed to help improve your reading skills which will help you tremendously when learning how to read the Quran.

Value: $19.99

Answer Sheet

We are in the process of also providing you with the answer sheet for this resource. This gives you the option to be fully independent when studying it should you choose that path. This will be made available to you absolutely FREE of charge inside our online portal.

Value: $5

Audio Book

For those of you who like to supplement your visual learning with some audio, we will also include the audio version of the entire book for you absolutely FREE of charge. You can learn on the go without ever having an excuse.

Value: $9.99

Unlimited Downloads

We know what it is like. You loose your phone, or your laptop packs in with all your important documents. You will be able to download your resource as many times as you wish and from any device.


FREE Access to Any Updates Editions

Perfection is only for Allah, so any updates we make to this particular body of work will be awarded to you for FREE. This is a one off payment and no further payments are required for the latest edition.

Value: $9.99

Total Value (So Far): $44.97


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